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URGENT: Please help spread the word about the 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in 1950 by Nick Stewart and his wife, Edna.
Nick was the voice of Brer Bear in Walt Disney's SONG OF THE SOUTH in the SPLASH MOUNTAIN RIDE at DISNEYLAND.
He also played Lightnin', the janitor, in THE AMOS 'n' ANDY TV SHOW

He and his wife, Edna, were pioneers in show business who paved the way for thousands of others. Their work and contributions must be honored and appreciated. As Nick used to say, "No one in the history of show business has done what we've done, we built a theater that lasted for decades."

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Attention Friends and Fans: Our theater buildings were demolished by the redevelopment agency in 1998. We now are a component of the ACADEMY OF THE ARTS for children and teens. Our programs are designed to keep children away from gangs and drugs. Training will take place at the United University Church on the campus of USC and other venues.

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We are a historic 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Please support our efforts to maintain our Legacy. Visit our online stores and our ticket site and please read this page to find out other ways to help us.


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