Catalog of WESTERN TV Shows from the 1950s
Saddle up and head back to those great 1950s horse operas, with all your favorite heroes!

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1. BUFFALO BILL, JR. (1955). Dick Jones stars as Bill, an orphan adopted by a judge and marshal of Wileyville, Texas.
2. THE GABBY HAYES SHOW (1951). The grizzly character of the old west stars in this 30-minute show, originally shown on Saturday mornings.
3. RANGE RIDER (1951). Here's Jock Mahoney as the famous rider and Dick Jones (once again) as his sidekick in another great 50s TV western!
4. THE ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON (1951) stars Bill Williams as the famed scout.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

1. BUFFALO BILL, JR. (1953). In "The Fight for Geronimo", a dishonest telegraph man attempts to hold up a train that contains an Indian prisoner. One commercial is intact.
2. THE ROY ROGERS SHOW (1953). Con men forge a man's signature on a bill of sale for property he owns while he's out of town, so it's up to Roy to fix things.
3. COWBOY G-MEN (1952) stars Russell Hayden and Jackie (Uncle Fester) Coogan as government agents in the old west. In this episode, they investigate a poisoned water area.
4. JUDGE ROY BEAN (1956), in color, starring Edgar Buchanan as the "by-the-book" law enforcer. The judge suspects the sheriff of a neighboring town is just as dishonest as the city criminals.

All of the following shows contain original commercials, and are from the Michael Halprin collection.
1. THE CISCO KID (1952). Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo star. A New York officer is sent out west to find out why a man is trying to buy back land from the daughter of a deceased hotel owner.
2. ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON (1952). Carson tries to find the men responsible for selling fake stocks to people and taking their life savings in exchange.
3. THE ROY ROGERS SHOW (1954). An outlaw robs the Wells Fargo Bank and then frames his brother, a law-abiding citizen.
4. THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP (1955), starring Hugh O'Brien. Earp is asked to take charge of the town's baby contest. Mike Connors guest stars.
120 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE  

1. COWBOY G-MEN (1952). Agents Gallagher and Crockett (Russell Hayden, Jackie Coogan) investigate an outbreak of disease among horses in a western town. Lyle Talbot guest stars.
2. JUDGE ROY BEAN (1956). The judge lends his friend $500, unaware that the friend is being blackmailed. Edgar Buchanan stars in this color episode.
3. BUFFALO BILL, JR. (1955). Judge Wiley's general store has been robbed - by a juvenile!
4. THE ROY ROGERS SHOW (1953). A friend of Roy's is shot while riding on Roy's ranch - and Roy's not going to let this get too far!

Gail Davis stars as the West's Greatest female sharpshooter!

V450 ANNIE OAKLEY (1955/56)
1. "THE DUTCH GUNMAN". A dutchman comes to Diablo with a very special rifle which two thugs want to steal.
2. "THE JOKER ON HORSEBACK". Robbers are foiled by Annie in their attempt to rob a bank, but they vow to try again with the help of a simple-minded newcomer in town.
3. "SHADOW AT SONOMA". The marshal shoots a man wanted for counterfeiting who happens to be a dead ringer for Lofty the Sheriff. Annie and Lofty head off to Sonoma to capture the whole gang.
4. "ANNIE AND THE TWISTED TRAILS". Annie tries to bridge a gap between her friend Della Forsythe and Della's father, whose over-protection won't allow her to attend the local rodeo.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

V464 ANNIE OAKLEY, II (1952/54)
Here are the first four episodes in the "Oakley" series!
1. "BULLS' EYE!", the original pilot to the series. Annie's brother Tagg is played by Billy Gray (of "Father Knows Best"). Someone's been poisoning the animals' drinking ponds, and Annie aims to find out why.
2. "ANNIE GETS HER MAN". The town bank is robbed just before a young man was to get an inheritance that was kept there. Clayton Moore guests.
3. "SHARPSHOOTING ANNIE". Annie's been performing for charity around the west, but a thief keeps following her and making off with the money raised before she can catch him.
4. "JUSTICE GUNS". The town raises money for the former marshal to have an eye operation, but hoodlums swipe it.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

V474 ANNIE OAKLEY, III (1955/56)
1. "ANNIE AND THE SILVER ACE". Outlaws attempt to take over the town's gambling casino, while its owner tries to hide the fact that he runs the place from his mother. Alan Hale guests.
2. "ANNIE AND THE CHINESE PUZZLE". Keye Luke guest stars as the owner of the town's chinese laundry, who gets framed for a murder that he didn't commit.
3. "FLINT AND STEEL". The cattle of several farmers in the town have been ambushed, so Annie investigates the situation.
4. "VALLEY OF THE SHADOWS", complete with original commercials (some pitched by Gail Davis). A little girl witnesses her father's murder, then is blinded while riding away on her horse. This makes it difficult for Annie to find the culprits.
105 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

V482 ANNIE OAKLEY, IV (1955/56/57)
1. "DEAD MAN'S BLUFF". Fake government bonds are put in place of real ones at the city bank, and now it's in grave danger of being closed down.
2. "THE TALL TALE". An old man's exaggerated written stories to his grandson catch up with him when he allows some dangerous bank robbers to get away.
3. "ANNIE AND THE FIRST PHONE". While Annie, Lofty, and Tagg prepare for the town's first telephone service, indians wage an attack on a farm.
4. "ANNIE RINGS THE BELL". Annie and the gang travel to Mexico to watch a boxing match and thieves hold up the ticket office. Slim Pickens guest stars.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

"The King of the Cowboys" rides high once again as we present Roy, along with Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Trigger, Bullet, and Buttermilk!

1. "OLD MAN'S GOLD". This is the FIRST episode of the series. Two thieves take advantage of an elderly man's gold claim.
2. "PAT BRADY, OUTLAW". Roy's sidekick is mistaken for a stagecoach robber after a photographer (played by "Our Gang"'s Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer) snaps his picture and prints it in the local newspaper.
3. "BOYS' DAY AT PARADISE COVE". Robbers take advantage when teenage boys are allowed to govern the city for a day.
4. "HIDDEN TREASURE". Thieves plot to swipe a map that supposedly leads to riches.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

1. "UNWILLING OUTLAW". Roy finds it hard to believe that his best friend has become a thief, and tries to hide it from his friend's little girl (Sherry Jackson).
2. "THE MINISTER'S SON" comes to town for a visit, but Roy isn't sure the man is legitimate.
3. "M STANDS FOR MURDER". "One-Armed Johnny", a cut-throat killer presumed to be dead, is spotted out of town by Roy.
4. "TRAIN ROBBERY". Roy vows to stop a gang of train thieves.
5. "MONEY FOR CHARITY". An old lady is donating a huge sum of money to the local charity; thieves immediately hold her hostage. You just can't do things like that out west!
125 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

1. "DISAPPEARANCE OF JIM BARTON". When an old buddy of Roy's leaves his ranch and doesn't return, Roy suspects foul play.
2. "BAD DAY AT EAGLE ROCK". Roy investigates the high rise of crime in Eagle Rock.
3. "KID WITH THE MAP". Alfalfa Switzer guests once again, this time as the prey of two thugs it seems he has a treasure map they want.
4. "BAD NEIGHBORS", presented exactly as first broadcast, complete with Post Cereal commercials pitched by Roy and Dale. Roy tries to find out why his new neighbor was shot and stashed in the bushes. After the program: More classic commercials featuring Roy and Dale.
110 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

1. "CATTLE RUSTLERS". Livestock keep disappearing from a neighbor's farm.
2. "LAND OUTLAWS". Roy and Pat masquerade as crooks in order to catch real thieves that keep beating up land surveyors.
3. "GINGER HORSE". Roy tries to find the man who stole an innocent little girl's horse.
4. "ATTACK ON THE JOSE RANCH". While the men of Mineral City are riding in a parade, outlaws invade the Don Jose Ranch and hold the women captive.
 100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE

1. "THE SET-UP". Swindlers try to buy an old lady's land, but she refuses to sell.
2. "DEAD MENS' HILLS". Roy and the sheriff try to capture the Hannon Gang, dangerous outlaws that are holed up in an abandoned silver mine.
3. "THE BIG CHANCE". The Sellers Gang renders Roy unconscious and take Pat Brady as hostage while he's rehearsing to play Hamlet in a church play.
4. "DEAD END TRAIL". The son of one of Roy's friends decides to quit school and run away to the same place a notorious outlaw is hiding out.
5. "THE BORN FUGITIVE". A little girl steals some food from Dale's diner. Roy finds that the child is linked to a band of dangerous criminals.
 125 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND

1. "BAD COMPANY". Two investors make a deal with two crooks, and end up stealing from their own company.
2. "CARNIVAL KILLER". A man is framed for the death of his boss.
3. "HARD LUCK STORY". Roy investigates a crooked insurance company.
4. "AND SUDDEN DEATH". A politician is knifed by the leader of a notorious gang of outlaws.
5. "BADMAN'S BROTHER". A ruthless murderer uses his 11-year- old brother to keep him from going to jail.
125 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE


V453 THE CISCO KID (1950/51)
Duncan Renaldo stars as the famous Mexican adventurer who roams the old Southwest in search of action and suspense. Leo Carillo also stars as Cisco's chubby sidekick, Pancho. The first three episodes are in color, the last is in black and white.
1. "THE POSTAL INSPECTOR". When a visiting postal inspector comes to town, he gets shot by outlaws who are sabotaging the mail. It's Cisco and Pancho to the rescue!
2. "PANCHO THE HOSTAGE". Cisco and Pancho attempt to capture some bank robbers, and are able to catch one. The other two blackmail Cisco and take Pancho as their hostage until Cisco agrees to let the captured one out of jail.
3. "THE QUARTER HORSE". Two horse breeders make a bet and stage a $5000 race with each other to determine whose is the faster, but one fixes the race to cheat the other.
4. "BURIED TREASURE". In an unusual episode, Cisco and Pancho visit the New Orleans Museum and discover they are dead ringers for the famous pirate Jean La Fitte and his brother Pierre. The museum curator tells them the story of the capture of Florida from Spain.

V493 BUFFALO BILL, JR. (1955)
Thrilling adventure as the west's youngest crime fighter hits the
trail. Dick Jones stars.
1. "THE DEATH OF JOHNNY RINGO". A dangerous outlaw takes Judge Wiley and Calamity hostage, but is he really the outlaw that he says he is?
2. "RED HAWK". The head of the freight office hires an Indian as his assistant, but bigoted mine workers don't like this one bit.
3. "THE FIGHT FOR TEXAS". The Texas Rangers want permission to cross into Mexico to capture some outlaws.
4. "EMPIRE PASS". A rival railroad company wants to put the Wiley Junction Railway out of business.
100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

Gabby is your host for exciting western yarns taken from classic "B" westerns of the 30s and 40s. Each tale is preceded by one of Gabby's "Tall Tales".
1. A traveling medicine man is assaulted by hoods that say he knows the whereabouts of some missing gold. Billy Carson gets involved.
2. A city girl is given a deed to a ranch by her brother. Her city ways don't set well with one of the hired hands, the one she has a crush on.
3. Redrock, a small town, is taken over by two rough brothers who hold the citizens prisoners. It's Texan Dave to the rescue!
4. An englishman inherits a ranch in the old west and has a hard time making an adjustment. Billy Carson steps in to offer some help.
 100 MINUTES    $19.95    BLACK AND WHITE 

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