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the Conquering PowerTHE CONQUERING POWER (1921-British) Directed by John Baxter. Starring Alice Terry, Rudolph Valentino, Eric Mayne, Ralph Lewis. A wealthy, avaricious miser forces his wife and daughter to suffer in poverty, while trying to put a stop to his daughter's affair with a rich young dandy. Running Time: 74 mins.�


Keystone Comedies (Volume 1) (1915)

Director: Roscoe
Cast: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Minta Durfee, Frank Hayes, Al St. John, Edgar Kennedy, Louise Fazenda, Mack Swain, Slim Sommerville, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett.
Description: Three hilarious shorts:
Fatty's Faithful Fido-Trouble ensues when a woman chooses a large strong man over a slender dandy, and the dandy plans revenge.
Fatty's Tintype Tangle-Fatty's in trouble again when a tintype picture of him with another woman falls into the wrong hands...his wife's! And that's just the beginning!
Fatty's New Role-Fatty's a hobo mistaken for a mad bomber who's been preying on restaurants. When Fatty brings a hunk of cheese into a cafe, the owner thinks it's a bomb.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 45 mins.   Item #1710  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 2) (1915)

Director: Roscoe
Cast: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Mabel Normand, Minta Durfee, Frank Hayes, Edgar Kennedy, Al St. John, Josef Swickard, Alice Davenport, Harry McCoy.
Description: Three hilarious shorts:
Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition-While at the title attraction, Mabel goes shopping, leaving Fatty to persue other interests...and other women!
Mabel and Fatty's Simple Life-Fatty and Mabel are in love, but Mabel's dad plans to marry her to his landlord's son, in exchange for the deed to the property. When the lovebirds elope, the chase is on!
Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day-Mabel is hard at work washing clothes while her husband sleeps in. Next door, Fatty works hard while his wife nags and makes plans to go out for the evening. When Mabel and Fatty meet later that day, it results in a myriad of comedic situations!
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 43 mins.   Item #1711  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 3) (1915)

Director: Mabel Normand, Roscoe
Cast: Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Edgar Kennedy, Mack Swain, Minta Durfee, Harry Gribbon.
Description: Four classic shorts:
Mabel Lost and Won-Mabel's fiance is caught in an innocent but compromising position with Mabel's flirtatious rival, and Mabel's mom insists the wedding be called off!
Wished on Mabel-Mabel, her mom and Fatty are at the park when a thief steals mother's watch and then loses it. Fatty finds it and that's when his trouble begins!
Mabel, Fatty & the Law-Two errant husbands are caught flirting with their maids. They escape to the park where each encounters the wife of the other! And of course the Keystone Cops get involved...
Fatty's Plucky Pup-Fatty is an incompetent klutz, but when his girl is kidnapped at an amusement park, Fatty, his plucky pup, and the Keystone Cops must come to the rescue!
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 58 mins.   Item #1712  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 4) (1915)

Director: Roscoe
Cast: Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Al St. John, Edgar Kennedy, Phyllis Allen, Ford Sterling, Josef Swickard.
Description: Three classic shorts:
Mabel's Willful Way-Mabel becomes disgusted with her mother's eating habits, and runs off with Fatty to an amusement park where comedic mishaps occur.
That Little Band of Gold-After Fatty and Mabel's wedding, her mom moves in with them, which is bad enough, but the fur starts to fly when Fatty gets drunk and decides to take "mom" and her friends to the opera!
Mabel and Fatty's Married Life-Mabel and Fatty are newlyweds sitting in the park when they are visited by an organ-grinder's monkey, whose owner puts a curse on them!
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 44 mins.   Item #1713  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 5) (1915)

Director: Roscoe
Cast: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Ford Sterling, Charles Arling, Minta Durfee, Charley Chase, Dora Rodgers, Josef Swickard.
Description: Three classic shorts:
Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers-Fatty in drag as a rich man's daughter who's wooed by a score of suitors, including a young Harold Lloyd!
Court House Crooks-The district attorney is having an affair with the judge's wife, but that's just the beginning! Watch for Harold Lloyd again in a minor role.
Love, Loot and Crash-Flustered restaurant owner must find a new cook while thwarting both his daughter's plans to elope and the plot of a couple of crooks to rob him. Add the Keystone Cops for an all-around fun time!
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 45 mins.   Item #1714  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 6) (1915)

Director: Walter Wright
Cast: Mack Swain, Cecile Arnold, Louise Fazenda, Harry Gribbon, Edgar Kennedy, Chester Conklin,
Description: Three classic shorts:
Ambrose's Nasty Temper-Ambrose is a garment-factory manager whose affection for Cecile Arnold is rivaled by the company foreman.
Ambrose's Sour Grapes-Cecile Arnold plays two roles: Ambrose's former girlfriend and her twin sister, who arrives with her husband shortly after Cecile dumps Ambrose!
When Ambrose Dared Walrus-Walrus runs a dilapidated boarding house for the poor, and has let his fire insurance policy lapse. When he notices a fire in a wastebasket, instead of putting it out, he runs to the insurance office to pay his premium! Fortunately, Ambrose is there to save the day.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 44 mins.   Item #1715  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 7) (1915)

Director: Walter Wright
Cast: Mack Swain, Cecile Arnold, Louise Fazenda, Minta Durfee, Chester Conklin, Vivian Edwards, Mae Busch, Harry McCoy, Dell Henderson.
Description: Four hilarious shorts:
Ambrose's Lofty Perch-Ambrose is a king in search of a queen, and he ends up with a lovely but flighty woman.
Ambrose's Fury-Ambrose visits Santa Monica and gets on a roller-coaster ride of mishaps.
Willful Ambrose-While showing off his marksmanship, Ambrose accidentally destroys a beer stein his wife bought him, and must replace it before she finds out!
Those Bitter Sweets-While out driving his sportster with Mae Busch, Harry McCoy encounters a rival for Mae's affections.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 47 mins.   Item #1716  $14.99
Format: VHS

Keystone Comedies (Volume 8) (1915)

Director: Dell Henderson, Charles Avery
Cast: Syd Chaplin, Mack Swain, Charles Conklin, Slim Summerville, Phyllis Allen, Cecile Arnold.
Description: Four classic shorts:
Gussle the Golfer-The incompetent Syd tries to impress Mack's wife by showing off at golf, acrobatics and cards; naturally he fails miserably at all of them!
Gussle's Day of Rest-Syd and his wife try to rest at an ocean resort, only to get involved with a series of mishaps with a Model T Ford!
Gussle Tied to Trouble-Syd and his wife next try to vacation at an alpine resort, but Syd gets in hot water when he's caught flirting with a barmaid!
Gussle's Backward Way-After escaping bandits, a man comes to a resort where he's inexplicably treated like a hero!
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 56 mins.   Item #1717  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 1) (1898-1905)

Director: Edwin S. Porter
Cast: Charles Manley, Thomas White, Vivian Vaughan, Arthur White, Edward Boulden.
Description: Early releases from Thomas Edison's film company illustrate the pioneering use of photography and camera angles in various types of cinema. Also includes examples of stop-motion, editing, animation, slides and more.
Part I: Early narrative films, mostly filmed by Edwin S. Porter.
Elopement on Horseback (1898)-Tells its story in four complete scenes.
Strange Adventures of New York Drummer (1899)-The use of editing to make people and objects appear and disappear.
Uncle Josh's Nightmare (1900)-How cumbersome camera equipment limited story development.
Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King (1901)-Possibly the first filmed political satire, aimed at Teddy Roosevelt.
Love by the Light of the Moon (1901)-Shows animation by the use of projected slides.
Circular Panorama of Electric Tower &
Panorama of Esplanade by Night (1901)-
Two documentaries of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, illustrating early use of panning and the first after-dark photography.
Martyred Presidents (1901)-Porter's special effects highlight this memorial of three American presidents.
Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show (1902)-Combines live action with special effects.
The Twentieth Century Tramp (1902)-Examples of panning, double exposure and matte shots.
Fun in a Baker Shop (1902)-Time lapse camera techniques increase smooth flow of film.
Jack and the Beanstalk (1902)-Imaginative sets, use of dissolves and stop-camera action.
Life of an American Fireman (1903)-Seven-scene story incorporating previously photographed film with Porter's special effects.
Part II: Variety of sources which influenced the work of Edwin S. Porter; all directed and photographed by him.
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1903)-The importance of camera techniques to motion pictures.
The Gay Shoe Clerk (1903)-Vaudeville standard is updated through camera movement.
A Romance of the Rail (1903)-Humorous advertisement made for Lackawanna Railroad.
Rounding up of the "Yeggmen" (1904)-Imaginative story told cinematically.
Part III: Early plots written specifically for the screen; all photographed by Porter.
European Rest Cure (1904)-Situation comedy concerning a traveller's adventures abroad.
The Ex-Convict (1904) & The Kleptomaniac (1905)-Early message films bringing to light social injustices.
Part IV: Comedies which highlight Porters knowledge of photography and camera usage.
The Seven Ages (1905)-Eight scenes of life stages, with camera movement from the establishing shot to a portrait or waist close-up.
How Jones Lost His Roll (1905)-Early appearance of amusing animated titles.
The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog (1905)-Stop action titles and an original approach to introducing the cast.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 108 mins.   Item #1066  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 2) (1902-1908)

Director: Wallace McCutcheon, Joseph A. Golden & others
Cast: Gilbert Saroni, Mack Sennett, D.W. Griffith, Florence Auer, Edward Dillon.
Description: Fifteen films from American Mutoscope and Biograph Films demonstrating various forms of situation comedies, chases, special effects extravaganzas, suspense, and unusual camera movement.
Part I: Early film comedy.
The Dude and the Burglars (1903)-Demonstrates moving pictures' superiority over vaudeville.
The Story that Biograph Told (1904)-An office farce is the setting for this example of unique camera usage.
Personal (1904)-One of the first "chase" films with an unexpected ending.
The Widow and the Only Man (1904)-Uses interesting camera techniques to introduce the characters.
The Lost Child (1904)-Mother frantically searches for a missing child, only to find him in the doghouse!
Part II: Early examples of situation comedies and the development of the "chase".
The Suburbanite (1904)-Family moves to the "peaceful" suburbs, and finds them anything but!
Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son (1905)-The original "chase" story; filmed entirely within the studio using specially constructed sets.
An Acadian Elopement (1907)Uses the typical silent movie ploy of inserting a chase for no apparent reason.
Part III: The use of special effects in films.
Grandpa's Reading Glass (1902)-Early "point-of-view" film.
Mr. Hurry-Up of New York (1907)Trick effects accomplished by editing and splicing.
The Tired Tailor's Dream (1907)-Combination of stop-motion and live action photography.
The Sculptor's Nightmare (1908)-Time-lapse and stop-motion photography allow statues to come to life! Mack Sennett's acting debut.
Part IV: The development of delayed suspense and unusual camera movement.
A Search for Evidence (1903)-Use of camera angles to increase suspense.
The Moonshiner (1904)-Documentary with ahead-of-its-time camera use.
The Hero of Liao Yang (1904)-Early use of panning and effects.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 112 mins.   Item #1067  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 3) (1905-1908)

Director: Wallace McCutcheon & others
Cast: Gene Gauntier, Gordon Burbe, D.W. Griffith, Robert Harron, Edward Dillon, more.
Description: Twelve productions by pioneering American Mutoscope and Biograph cameramen, with a variety of subject matter.
Part I: Ambitious productions from American Mutoscope and Biograph cameramen.
The Nihilists (1905)-F. S. Armitage's well-planned drama of Russian politics.
The Great Jewel Mystery (1905)-Film from cameramen Billy Bitzer and F. A. Dobson is intercut to form a fictional solution to an actual crime.
A Kentucky Feud (1905)-Billy Bitzer's dramatization of the Hatfield-McCoy feud.
Part II: Films based on actual happenings.
The Silver Wedding (1906)-Expose of New York City criminals, using cross-lighting to produce a somber effect.
The Black Hand (1906)-Documentation of a kidnapping, with titles explaining each scene.
The Paymaster (1906)-Adaptation of a true story; film debut of actress Gene Gauntier.
Part III: F. A. Dobson's documentation of dangerous occupations.
The Tunnel Workers (1906)-Actual workers on a tunnel under the Hudson river.
The Skyscrapers (1906)-Actual construction on a skyscraper, with camera angles adding to the perception of height and danger.
Part IV: Demonstrates how film developed unique characteristics, distinguishing itself from theatre.
The Boy Detective (1908)-Based on a newspaper serial, this film has ten unique camera angles and a surprise ending.
Her First Adventure (1908)-American version of a popular British film with a canine hero.
Caught By Wireless (1908)-Drama on the high seas, with footage of a Marconi wireless, a novelty at the time.
At the French Ball (1908)-Uses a split screen effect and features D.W. Griffith as an actor.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 95 mins.   Item #1068  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 4) (1908-1912)

Director: D.W. Griffith
Cast: Linda Arvidson, D.W. Griffith, George Gebhardt, Mack Sennett, Florence Lawrence, Mabel Normand, Florence Barker, Frank Fowell.
Description: Various films directed by D. W. Griffith, featuring some insights into his editing techniques.
Part I: Examples of Griffith's comedies.
Balked at the Altar (1908)Griffith's thirteenth film, featuring a reluctant groom, and an even more reluctant bride!
Faithful (1910)-Filmed in Hollywood, a change of pace from Griffith's melodramas.
A Dash Through the Clouds (1912)-One of the first major films to feature an airplane in the plot.
Part II: Dramas from Griffith's first six months as a director.
A Calamitous Elopement (1908)-One of ten films made in thirty days.
Where Breakers Roar (1908)-Two separate storylines collide when beach frollickers are menaced by a crook.
An Awful Moment (1908)-Demonstrates Griffith's pattern of setting a tranquil mood, then shattering it with danger.
The Cord of Life (1909)-Griffith's use of cutbacks to increase suspense.
Part III: Insights into Griffith's editing techniques.
The Girls and Daddy (1909)-Shown twice; once in the original order the scenes were shot, and again after they are edited together.
Part IV: Dramas by Griffith during his second six months as director for American Mutoscope & Biograph.
The Golden Louis (1909)-Camera movement in to a tight close-up is essential to the story.
At the Altar (1909)-Suspense builds through the alteration of action sequences with scenes of unsuspecting victims.
Fools of Fate (1909)-Unusual lighting enhances the mood of the final tragic scene.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 103 mins.   Item #1069  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 5) (1904-1912)

Director: D.W. Griffith, others
Cast: Lottie Briscoe, Kempton Greene, Lee Shumway, Linda Arvidson, Florence Lawrence, Mack Sennett, Owen Moore, Kate Bruce.
Description: Represents D.W. Griffith's first attempts at two-reel films as well as shorts illustrating the transition between Griffith's early style and his later pictures. Also, some examples of films produced by Siegmund Lubin Manufacturing Company focusing on elements of pre-production planning.
Part I:
His Trust & His Trust Fulfilled (1911)-
Notable for its use of makeup to age the cast. The second reel is the sequel, but is complete in itself.
Part II: The first Biograph film publicized as a two-reel drama.
Enoch Arden (1911)-Dramatization of the Tennyson poem.
Part III: Shows the transition between Griffith's early style and his later efforts.
A Temporary Truce (1912)-This neglected film features a unique story, superb camera angles and a large cast.
The Girl and her Trust (1912)-Griffith's use of panning to establish point-of-view.
Part IV: Pre-production planning is evident in these examples from Siegmund Lubin Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia.
The Bold Bank Robber (1904)-Philadelphia's streetcars, railroads and tunnels are locations for chase scenes.
She Would be an Actress (1909)-Starring Lottie Briscoe, Kempton Greene, Lee Shumway.
Drunkard's Child (1909)-The evils of drinking, as a habitual drunk attempts to reform for the sake of his young daughter.
An Unexpected Guest (1909)-The three films above all feature constructed sets, interior and exterior scenes, and division of the story into scenes.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 102 mins.   Item #2895  $14.99
Format: VHS

Origins of Cinema (Volume 6) (1899-1908)

Director: Gilbert M.
Cast: Pansy Perry, Gilbert M. "Bronco Billy" Anderson, Al Jennings, Cecil M. Hepworth, Barbara Hepworth.
Description: Contains examples of films from independent producers, including short subjects from special-effects wizard George Melies, British comedies produced by the Clarendon, Gaumont and Hepworth Companies, and some of Britain's first documentary dramas concerning social ills.
Part I: Five examples of independent films.
Love and War (1899)-One of the first films shot in different locations, adapted from a true story.
The Girl From Montana (1907)-A western with a twist: a female heroine!
His First Ride (1907)-William Selig's adaptation of the chase sequence.
The Bandit King (1907)-Story line unfolds as a series of vignettes.
The Bank Robbery (1908)-Real-life bank-robber-turned-actor Al Jennings stars in a reenactment of his crime.
Part II: Examples of the over-1500 films from French magician Georges Melies, and early master of special effects.
The Inn Where No Man Rests (1903)-Fantasy based on a previously written story.
A Spiritualist Photographer (1903)-Film of a magician at work, using a dissolving effect.
The Kingdom of the Fairies (1903)-All of Melies' effects are at work here.
The Magic Lantern (1903)-Melies photographs moving images projected onto the back of a constructed set.
The Clock Maker's Dream (1903)-Fantasy photographed with a single camera angle.
The Cook In Trouble (1904)-Stop-motion editing makes characters appear to disappear!
The Mermaid (1904)-Underwater scenes filmed through a fish tank.
Part III: Comedies from the Clarendon, Gaumont and Hepworth companies in Britain.
How the Old Woman Caught the Omnibus (1903)-Slapstick comedy where a man plays the part of a woman, dummies are stand-ins, and the camera runs backwards!
The Eviction (1904)-Police evicting tenants run into difficulties.
The Bewitched Traveller (1904)-Objects disappear through special effects.
An Englishman's Trip to Paris from London (1904)-Demonstrates the British capacity for self-directed humor.
The Lover's Ruse (1904)-A Suitor steals a kiss in 22 feet of film.
A Race for a Kiss (1904)-An automobile races a horse in a film which uses special techniques to prolong the scene.
The Other Side of the Hedge (1904)-Camera is moved from establishing shot to further the comedic plot.
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds (1905)-Fast-paced chace as motorbikes chase after an automobile.
Part IV: Britain's first documentary films focusing on social evils.
The Pickpocket (1903)-Chase film involving the apprehending of a pickpocket.
The Child Stealers (1904)-The fate of unattended children, filmed outdoors on city streets.
Raid on a Coiner's Den (1904)-A sober attempt at realism, beginning with a full-frame close-up.
Revenge (1904)-Realistic melodrama showing considerable pre-production planning.
A Railway Tragedy (1904)-Robbery and assault filmed from several camera angles.
Decoyed (1904)-The white slave trade is here depicted.
Rescued by Rover (1905)-Kidnapped infant is rescued by the family dog in this popular melodrama.
Color/B&W: B&W.  Running Time: 105 mins.   Item #1592  $14.99
Format: VHS


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