according to the CRA, they are providing loans to the people in Boyle heights. Here is what the CRA says about their projectBut according to many residents of the area, quite the opposite is being done.

Here are Testimonies of 2 ex-inspectors of the Task Force

Ken Comer
Frank Gutierrez

Here are Testimonies of Citizens

Bernard Gross - James Hahn/ HTF/FBI/Post Office
Dick Bernot – James Hahn/ HTF

TIM PRIESS– James Hahn
Shalom Ben Levy – James Hahn/HTF

Jacob Goldman – James Hahn/HTF

Greg Spencer – DWP/ LAHD/James Hahn

Maria Elena Mondragon
Ernesto Delgadillo


Eminent domain for private use rather than public use is rampant in the United States. Click here to read about a case in Arizona. (Another window will open, close it to return to PALS)

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