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Eminent domain for private use rather than public use is rampant in the United States. Click here to read about a case in Arizona. (Another window will open, close it to return to PALS)
Jimmie Lee Robinson went on hunger strikes to protest the demolition of his entire neighborhood


Click here to read about the destruction and elimination of Maxwell Street by the University of Chicago


The neighboring town of Coatesville is trying to eminent domain, then demolish, the Saha family's farm to create a golf course although there is other similar property for sale nearby: When the Sahas speak out at the city council meetings, they are told that they can't speak because they live outside the city of Coatsville.

Click here to read about what is happening in Pennsylvania. (Another window will open, close it to return to PALS)

Mike Dorrough is shown in his studio with a participant in his short wave radio station for the blind


The destruction of Mike Dorrough's Short-Wave Broadcast Archiving Facility for the blind raises important questions for citizens in Wisconsin and all over the United States

Also learn about a citizen's arrest and loss of his home for the crime of "Paper Terrorism."

Click here to read about what is happening in Wisconsin. (Another window will open, close it to return to PALS)

TIME MAGAZINE SERIES: What Corporate Welfare Costs You

This "TIME" investigation uncovers how hundreds of companies get on the dole--and why it costs every working American the equivalent of two weeks' pay every year By DONALD L. BARLETT AND JAMES B. STEELE who write... "How would you like to pay only a quarter of the real estate taxes you owe on your home? And buy everything for the next 10 years without spending a single penny in sales tax? Keep a chunk of your paycheck free of income taxes? Have the city in which you live lend you money at rates cheaper than any bank charges? Then have the same city install free water and sewer lines to your house, offer you a perpetual discount on utility bills--and top it all off by landscaping your front yard at no charge?"

According to Time Magazine "Two years after Congress reduced welfare for individuals and families, this other kind of welfare continues to expand, penetrating every corner of the American economy. It has turned politicians into bribery specialists, and smart business people into con artists. And most surprising of all, it has rarely created any new jobs."

Here is TIME MAGAZINE'S entire 4-part series on Corporate Welfare. Read it online or download the entire series.

For a more complete description of the CRA go to: Click here to visit -- (Close the window to return to this document). Redevelopment: the Unknown Government)


The Castle Coalition is an effort by activists to take matters into their own hands. It was inspired by watching several communities defeat seemingly unstoppable projects to take homes and businesses to give to other private parties. This website seeks to give you ideas and tools to wage this battle yourself, in your own community. It is also our hope that the Castle Coalition will be a way for activists to network with each other and give support, ideas, and advice
Click here for the Institute of Justices's Castle Coalition


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