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We are seeking evidence that will exonerate Gary (Gary was released from prison and from a life sentence and he received a pardon, but he was not cleared of the crime). We are also seeking stories about other people who were wrongly convicted and who were either released or forced to stay in jail after a confession or DNA cleared them. We are collecting information about the laws in different states to learn what laws must be changed so that others will get fair investigations and be released if the evidence merits it. We are also seeking information about other groups and individuals who are working for reform for prisoners who are wrongly convicted.

If you are a writer or a concerned citizen, we want your attention and we want you to write about and/or tell others about Gary and his website and mission. We are planning radio, TV shows, and we may do a documentary. We are seeking people to interview or to share true stories that we can tell. We want to know how friends, family members and concerned citizens have successfully helped those who were wrongly convicted.
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Gary Reeves has been seeking justice for over 20 yearsGary Mitchum Reeves was released from prison in the State of Georgia about twenty years ago after serving just 7 years of a life sentence. A few years before his arrest, eighteen of the leading clergymen in Floyd County wrote an open letter to public officials about corruption in their county. These same public officials were the very people who would later have a direct influence on what happened to Gary after his arrest, his subsequent conviction and his incarceration.

Why was there no serious investigation
after someone else confessed?

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He should have been happy to be released, but the experience was bittersweet. He had been convicted of murder after a trail that lasted for only 5 hours including a lunch break and the jury's deliberations. Later, while Gary was still in prison, someone else had admitted to the crime and had signed a written confession but Gary had not been exhonorated. Then, in 1975, the Rome city police report of the night of the murder, all the transcripts of the trial and the transcripts of all the hearings came up missing. How, he asked himself, could this nightmare have happened?


Inside EditionTV studios">

Gary has been a free man for nearly 20 years. He is married now. He is still trying to clear his name. His story has been covered by several news papers and he appeared on the Inside Edition television show in 1995. (The photo on the left shows Gary and a staff member at Inside Edition in New York.) The news is full of stories about people who have been wrongly convicted. This website will tell Gary's story and examine how this could happen. We will also tell the stories of others who have had experiences that are similar to Gary's.

Read an Open Letter from Gary Reeves
Read a short synopsis of some of Gary's experiences.
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We will soon add helpful links for other families and for people who are interested in the relationship between justice the prison system.

We will tell what family members and friends can do... We will tell how Gary's sister (shown on the left) "kept the faith," did her own detective work, and how her actions, encouragement and endurance helped Gary throughout his ordeal. Her story will show how family and friends can help out in similar situations.

We will present radio and TV shows

We will tell about some of Gary's experiences while in prison.

We will talk about attitudes and perceptions about the penal system and about people who have been incarcerated.

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Links from the Cyberspace-Inmates Website

Here are Yahoo/Google links to stories that I originally read in the L.A. Times that are about people who were incarcerared and later found innocent. (These are direct links to search engine results and resources -- They will open in a new window. Close the window(s) when you are done.
Click here to read the story of Dewayne KcKinney: He's suing the Orange County Public Defender and police for $10 million.
Click here to read the results of my yahoo/google search for information about Roy Criner: A DNA test showed he was innocent.

We are seeking justice for the many people who have been sent to jail for crimes they didn't commit, or have been given long prison terms for minor trangressions. We started the Justice for the Wrongly Convicted webring to provide a link from our website to people who have a story to tell and who are also seeking justice.
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