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Buy a DVD or donate to keep the legacy of Nick and Edna Stewart alive and help us provide education through entertainment with a special empathis on free visual and performing arts training and exposure for kids.
Welcome to the 501(c)(3) Charity Established in 1950
By Nick Stewart (the voice of Disney's Brer Bear) and his wife Edna Stewart,
Dedicated to Education, Artistic, and Cultural Enrichment,
Through Entertainment
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The pictures below show historic events and productions at the Ebony Showcase Theatre, where famous performers showcased their talent and helped to train kids.

Nick Stewart at the opening of Spash Mountain at Disneyland. Walt Disney chose Nick Stewart to be the voice of Brer Bear in Song of the South (1946). Nick revived the voice in the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland,

Click on each image below to watch scenes from Disney's SONG OF THE SOUTHstarring Nick Stewart as the voice of Brer Bear.

The Briar Patch

Everybody's Got a Laughin' Place

Brer Rabbit Runs Away

The picture below, taken on the stage of the Ebony Showcase Theatre November 28, 1973, shows Nick and Edna Stewart receiving an award from Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, surrounded by cast members of Norman Is That You and staff of the Los Angeles County Museum of Science and Industry.

The Ebony Showcase Theatre and Cultural Arts Workshop, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit charity that has helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds from 1950 to the present.

Although the theater buildings were taken in eminent domain and demolished in 1998 by the Community Redevelopment Agency which claimed that the buildings suffered extensive earthquake damage, the Ebony Showcase transformed, adapted, and did not close. Instead, we continue to provide entertainment, resources, and charitable services on the internet and in the community.

A Division of the non-profit Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation
(Click the image below to see the video.)

The selection process is chaired by a committee of television executives and industry professionals. Only 25 interviewees are selected per year. There are now a total of 802 interviews in the Archive of American Television.

Nick Stewart was the 19th person that the Archive of American Television selected. Karen L. Herman, Director of Production and Research, for the Archive of American Television wrote a letter to Valarie Stewart, daughter of Nick and Edna Stewart, that said, "We are glad that we were able to help preserve your father's legacy."

The Archive of American Television interviewed 800 television pioneers and has posted over 200 videotaped interviews online. It is their ultimate goal to be the world’s largest and most advanced oral history collection on the history of television. The archive's subjects include all professions within the television industry. Examples include: actors Alan Alda, Ossie Davis, Michael J. Fox, James Garner, Mary Tyler Moore,[2] William Shatner, and Dick Van Dyke; producers Norman Lear, Carl Reiner, Chris Carter, Steven Bochco, Phil Rosenthal, Sherwood Schwartz, Fred Rogers and Dick Wolf; newscasters Walter Cronkite, Ed Bradley, Bob Schieffer and David Brinkley; executives Fred Silverman, Sumner Redstone, Leslie Moonves, Robert Johnson, Kay Koplovitz, Frank Stanton and Ted Turner; costume designers Bob Mackie and Nolan Miller; choreographers Tony Charmoli and Cyd Charisse; writers Roy Huggins, Tad Mosel, Sidney Sheldon, Abby Mann and Ann Marcus.

Nick Stewart also played the part of Lightnin' on the Amos 'n' Andy TV show, Willie, the guide in Ramar of the Jungle, Dink in Carmen Jones, and more. Nick was a dancer, comedian, and actor, and was a featured performer in vaudeville, radio, stage, motion pictures, and television.

Click below to watch the TRIBUTE TO NICK STEWART that was presented at his memorial service

Juanita Moore, a groundbreaking actress and an Academy Award nominee for her role as Lana Turner's black friend in the classic weeper "Imitation of Life," died Jan. 1. ...Ms. Moore was the fifth black performer to be nominated for an Oscar...Ms. Moore also had an active career in the theater, starting at Los Angeles's Ebony Showcase Theatre in the early 1950s, a leading black-run theater..."The creative arts put a person on another level," she told the Los Angeles Times. "That's why we need to bring our youngsters into the theater."

Associated Press 01/01/2014

Give a gift of visual and performing arts lessons to a child
With your support we will provide in Acting, Dance, Music, and Art for Children and thereby provide a channel for positive self-expression.

Your Contribution Helps to Provide Life-changing Performing and Visual Arts Training and Exposure to Kids.

You will make a difference in a child's life when you buy from our online stores, support our advertisers, contribute items, money, or time. Keep Nick and Edna Stewart's legacy alive through enabling us to provide free training in the Arts for children. Comparative training costs thousands of dollars elsewhere.

All contributions are tax-deductible. Please lend your support to our project: We have an immediate need to raise at least $50,000, seed money, for books, computers and equipment for our Internet Broadcasting World Component, for space costs, rennovation, refurbishing and maintenance, fuel and transportation costs for field trips and meetings, office supplies such as toner, DVDs, CDs, Paper for flyers to distribute, and miscellaneous expenses. We are also searching for a kennel for rescued dogs and cats.


We are a historic 501(c)(3) non profit charity. Please support our efforts to maintain our Legacy through providing education, artistic and cultural enrichment through entertainment. Support our online stores, our ticket site, and support our advertisers and sponsors, or make a contribution of goods or money.

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